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If you no longer want or use those things or have the space for it,
you can bring them to our shop! Let us reward you for saving your older consoles, video games, controllers and trading cards. 

Values for any trade-ins cannot be given over the phone.



Are some of your favorite gaming consoles or accessories broken or missing a component?
Don't fret! Side Scrollers does repairs! And if you need a cleaning only, we do that as well.
We know that spending on a replacement system or accessory can add up.
We try our best to make our pricing fair for any repairs we do for you.

Bring in your broken items next time you visit us and we'll give you a free diagnosis!

Game not running or CD has a bunch of scratches? 
We can clean up your CDs or repair them for $5 per disc!

Have a bunch of old games, controllers, accessories, consoles, etc that need cleaning
and/or have a bunch of store price tags on your games/cases?
Only $3.00 for every 10 items. If you want us to clean the inside of your controllers
and/or consoles, the cleaning will be $10.00 per device.



​​ Pricing on the following consoles is dependent upon repair, which is fully determined once the item is properly diagnosed. There is no charge for a diagnosis.​​ ​​

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Controller Silicone Button Replacement (GC/N64/SNES/NES)
- $8.99 per controller -
Do the buttons on your controller feel mushy, get stuck in place or not seem as responsive anymore?
We can pop open the controller & replace the silicone which makes them tick!
Repair is only for GameCube, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, and NES controllers

Game Boy/Game Boy Pocket/Game Boy Color/Game Boy Advance Screen Sticker Replacement
- $5.00 per console -
Has the sticker around your ole Game Boy screen finally fell off? We can replace it good as new!

GameCube Controller - Stick Replacement
- $8.99 per stick -
Too much Super Smash Bros. Melee can do a number on your controller's Analog and C-Sticks. Have they finally worn down?
We can replace them for $8.99 per stick and make sure they work good as new!

N64 Controller Stick Replacement
N64 Stick Replacement = $13.99 per stick / GameCube Stick for N64 Controller = $16.99 per stick

Has the control stick for your N64 controller, tilted to the side, not as responsive or flat out broken?
We can replace the stick with a brand new one no problem!
Or for an additional $3.00, you can swap it out for a GameCube analog stick,

which is a great option for Super Smash Bros and Star Fox 64!

3DS/GBA SP/ PS3 Controller/ Wii U Pro Controller Battery Replacement
- $16 -
Did the battery in your 3DS, GBA SP, PS3 Controller, or Wii U Pro Controller finally give out?
We can open up the controller/console and replace the battery for only $16!

NES 72 Pin Connector Replacement Repair
- $25.00 per console -
Is your original NES giving you a fight in trying to read games, or doesn't read them anymore? Sounds like a faulty 72 Pin Connector! We can make your NES read games smoothly once again for only $25.00!

Saving Issue/Save Battery Repair
- $10.00 per game -
Most old cartridge-based games utilize a battery in order to save; however, when this battery finally

runs out your old save data will get deleted and/or the game will no longer save.
Pokemon games have been notorious for this issue since they clock in a lot of game time
and some of the old cartridges use the batteries use it to keep time in the game.

We can open up the cartridge and have the game start saving once again; Please note any old save data

will be deleted since the old battery will be removed.

PSP Analog Stick Replacement
- $19.99 -
Has your analog stick's fallen off or simply not working properly?

Allow us to replace the stick entirely so you can go back to on the go gaming on your PSP!

Screen replacement for PSP
- 1000 model: $50.00 / 2000 and 3000 models: $60.00 -
Is your PSP LCD Screen have dead pixels and/or scratches? No problem! We can replace the screen entirely!

DS Lite Top Half Replacement Repair
- $35.00 -
Cracked or broken DS Lite Shell? Or is the screen damaged and not cooperating? We can replace it with a whole new part!

DSi Bottom Screen Replacement Repair
- $35.00 -
We can repair a bottom LCD screen that has been cracked or simply does not turn on! We got your back and we will replace the damaged screen!

By allowing us to handle your repair, you agree to these terms: I authorize Side Scrollers to perform the work as described on the receipt of repair. I understand that Side Scrollers is not responsible (and I assume the risk) for any data loss, data corruption, or breach of data on my device during service. I understand that if I fail to return for my device, my device will be considered abandoned following three contact attempts using the contact information provided within 30 days of repair completion. Repairs come with a 30 day warranty: if your item was not properly repaired, we can conduct the repair again free of charge.

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